Where Does the Inspiration for Knoll Office Furniture Come From?

GMBI Office Furniture San Diego Where Does the Inspiration for Knoll Office Furniture Come From? Inspiration comes from collaboration with top designers giving way to classic and iconic office furniture.

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Where Does the Inspiration for Knoll Furniture Come From?

Knoll office furniture was founded in 1938 by Hans and Florence Knoll, who were both trained in the Bauhaus school of design. Since then, Knoll has become known for its clean lines and simple, minimalist designs. This modern approach has led to Knoll office furniture being featured in over 50,000 projects worldwide. Taking over mainstream media, Knoll has been featured in over 500 films and television shows, along with over 1,000 exhibitions worldwide.

Being able to boast a track record like this is no small accomplishment. There's no doubt that this office furniture company has some serious inspiration for innovation. So, where does it come from?

How Has Knoll Office Furniture Evolved Over Time?

Over the course of decades, Knoll has introduced dozens of collections that draw from the vision and style of designers around the world. Their unique solutions to home and office furnishings have led to the creation of business interiors that are impeccable in both form and function.

The wide range of upholstery and materials made possible by Knoll make it easy to find the perfect desks, stools, office chairs, coffee tables, and accessories for your workplace design.

With time, Knoll has found ways to meet the unique needs of people in any dwelling, be it residential or commercial. Whether it's building a better side chair or ideas for fabrics that stand up to decades of use, Knoll has been focused on finding answers to the questions that lead to meeting the needs that make lives better, whoever the user.

Knoll Office Furniture Designers San Diego

In the early years, Knoll collaborated with over 100 renowned designers, including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen, and Marcel Breuer.

Other notable office furniture designers and architects that Knoll has collaborated with include Piero Lissoni, David Adjaye Barber, Nick Cave, Anni Albers, Frank Gehry, Massimo Vignelli, Irma Boom, Marc Krusin, Marc Newson, Jens Risom, Warren Platner, and Daniel Stromborg.

The designers that have worked with Knoll over the years have provided insights and work experience that continues to inspire the brand’s constellation of product offerings.

Many of these designers have played key roles in the evolution of industries that focus on sophistication and modernism, such as architecture and ergonomics.

This experience translates into Knoll's ability to deliver exceptional environments, whether the project is for hospitality, healthcare, education, or a government organization. The Knoll universe of designs increases the potential of almost any space.

Knoll Office Furniture Materials

Knoll office furniture is made from high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum, and wood and is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Many of the pieces from Knoll feature legs, table tops, and seating surfaces that please even the highest echelons of professionals.

The designers Knoll has worked with over the course of decades have brought their deep resources and insights into production methods to create the perfect interplay between lighting and tactile feedback. As pleasing to the eye as to the touch, Knoll office furniture materials exude premium craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Knoll Office Furniture Styles

While Knoll specializes in office furniture products, the company also has a long history of exceptional living room furniture, striking dining room furniture design, and lounge seating that infuses beauty into premium interiors.

Much of this inspiration has been derived from the joy their designers have for orchestrating amazing experiences. Their unique perspectives provided the guidance Knoll needed to bring amazing ideas to life.

From iconic Knoll textiles to using a metallic material in a whole new way, you can feel the presence of those who've influenced the company's product launches. This is why Knoll furniture designs are consistently met with enthusiasm in whatever spaces they're incorporated.

Knoll office furniture customization options are also second to none. Both comfortable and stylish, the collections from Knoll can provide the ideal aesthetic. Whether you're after a look that's modern or classic, elegant or vibrant, luxurious or versatile, Knoll has you covered.

Knoll Office Furniture Manufacturing Process

Beyond the quality of exciting Knolltextiles and materials, the manufacturing process is a key to understanding why Knoll is such an inspired company. Some of the designers that have partnered with the company throughout the years were hands-on tinkerers themselves.

Constantly curious about new ways to handcraft objects from a basic seat to dining tables, these pioneering designers picked up their tools and dove into exploration. Today, the production teams at Knoll's facilities take great pride in honoring the furniture designer through careful attention to craftsmanship. They're always working to refine their techniques to ensure performance and beauty that pleases clients across the globe.

By gaining the perspective of these designers in the production process, Knoll has been able to continually hone the quality of products they bring to market. When seeking a lounge chair or dining chairs that are practical, inviting, and cozy, you're sure to find something in G|M Business Interiors' showroom of Knoll furniture.

Knoll Furniture Awards

The long history of making furniture that delivers satisfaction and efficiency is only part of Knoll's story. The company has won numerous awards for its furniture designs, including the National Design Award from the Smithsonian Institute and the Design Excellence Award from the American Society of Interior Designers.

In fact, Knoll has been the recipient of over 200 awards for design excellence, one of the most winning brands in the industry. This is one reason why they're known for so many iconic and classic pieces.

From startups to companies in fields that have been around for centuries, people will notice a sense of well-being when using Knoll furniture. This experience is largely why the company has received so many accolades for so long.

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