What to Consider When Buying an Office Chair?

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What to Consider When Buying an Office Chair?

When it comes to buying office chairs in Irvine, there are many different factors to consider if you want a productive workspace. There's no doubt that high-tech materials and beautiful designs can set your boardrooms apart from the competition. But while good looks matter, some less obvious features are absolutely essential.

For example, adjustable ergonomic computer chairs make the perfect compliment for workers with a height adjustable desk.

Ergonomic office furniture features help your people optimize their posture, leading to cognitive benefits such as improved memory, attention, and the ability to transition between mental tasks. All this adds up to higher productivity and a happier workplace.

People who face a massive to-do list every morning need every reduction in stress they can get to perform their best. A large factor in feeling less stressed is the office chair they sit in. Simply put, the better the chair supports and reduces pain, the more effective a professional can be at their job.

So what are the features of office chairs San Diego companies are benefitting from that you should consider when buying an office chair?

What Office Chairs are Best for Long Workdays?

When it comes to office furniture, the most crucial element for a long yet comfortable workday is ergonomics. Office chairs that provide proper support, ventilation, and body mechanics help promote positive mental states, benefitting cognitive skills like memory, attention, and rapid task switching.

For office workers that operate on an eight-hour work schedule, having ergonomic office furniture is an ideal way to reduce employee strain and fatigue. This means a well-built chair with optimal ergonomics is one of the smartest investments you can make in your workplace.

So what are the ways office furniture ergonomics can impact your San Diego, CA, or Irvine company?

The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting on the Wrong Chair

Standard office chairs simply can't deliver support and comfort in your San Diego, CA office. There's no doubt that ergonomic office chairs are a leading factor for running a productive company, so giving your people access to a comfortable chair will not only support their backs but their mental health as well.

The wrong office chair isn't just uncomfortable, it can even pose health risks when sitting for prolonged periods. Sitting for extended periods of time in unsupportive chairs is associated with back and neck pain, poor blood circulation, decreased concentration, increased fatigue, and more.

To prevent these issues in your office, which types of chairs should you provide for your staff?

What are the Types of Ergonomic Office Chairs Near Me?

G|M Business Interiors provides Southern California companies with office chairs that are crafted with sturdy frames, quality upholsteries, lumbar support, and ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

The office chairs Irvine companies depend on include conference chairs, ergonomic chairs for tasks, lobby, and reception area chairs, executive office chairs, and more.

Let's cover the different seating solutions you may want to consider.

Chairs for Stunning San Diego Lobby and Reception Areas

Your lobby is the first impression you give clients and potential investors. At G|M Business Interiors, we take the reception area of your company seriously—carefully selecting the chairs we source to ensure your lobby or reception area is as comfortable as they are captivating.

No matter if you're seeking cozy lobby lounge chairs or striking and innovative reception and office desks, we can help you elevate your workplace environment to impress everyone who steps into your office and showroom.

Supportive Conference Room Seating

Important decisions require cool-headed thinking, so having comfortable conference room seating is a crucial factor in the success of your San Diego company.

Our selection of seats with comfy contours, padded armrests, and enhanced sacral and lumbar support will keep everyone in the room relaxed and focused.

Office Chairs that Stack for Space Savings

When the space is limited in your company, stacking chairs offer a solid solution for quick and convenient seating for your standup meeting, conference room, or training session.

With stackable office seating, you can easily transport and store the precise number of seats required for the moment, saving you high-value space when the meeting is over.

Task Chairs that Support Your Teams

Task chairs are the center stage of productivity in San Diego companies. Sourcing the perfect task chair comes down to finding superior support and stability so workers are empowered with an optimized posture.

G|M Business Interiors carries numerous task chairs with gas lift and tilt mechanism functions, along with premium materials.

Check out our selection of office chairs in San Diego here.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Office Chair

Bargain chairs and office furniture simply aren't adequate for providing support and comfort in your San Diego office.

It's undeniable that comfortable office chairs and office desks are key factors for the success of any company, so providing your people with access to a comfortable chair will bolster not only their backs but their motivation and output as well.

A good Southern California office furniture store must understand the negative impact that sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all day can have. That's why it's crucial for these companies to help you choose the best San Diego office furniture from a huge selection that features ergonomic designs for a perfect posture.

What are some of the most important factors to consider when buying an office chair?

Ergonomic Design

Even top performers find it difficult to focus on the task at hand when their office chair makes them miserable. When it comes to the office chairs San Diego companies rely on for maximum output, it's a must to search for ergonomic design, comfort, and the ability to adjust many elements of the seating position.

One example of the perfect chair for seating ergonomics is the Herman Miller Aeron chair. This office chair was designed to mimic the natural body mechanics of workers, dubbed the kinematic coherence model.

Lumbar Support

One of the leading complaints of office workers is that their office chairs don't provide adequate lumbar support.

San Diego, CA companies can quickly improve the productivity of their workforces by giving them office chairs with adjustable lumbar support. An example of a chair with an adjustable lumbar feature is the Herman Miller Aeron chair. This office chair is designed to work with the body's natural contours and movements, delivering all-day support.

Adjustable Height

Being able to firmly plant one's feet on the ground while sitting in an office chair is a crucial factor for comfort. Be sure to find office chairs that feature a height-adjustable seat to ensure the optimal level of comfort when working long hours.

Adjustable Backrests

Another important feature of the perfect office seating is an adjustable backrest. Some people prefer to lean back intermittently, while others prefer a stiff backrest that holds them upright all day.

Adjustable backrests and locking reclining functions allow workers to dial their seating position for their precise support needs.

High-Quality Materials

Office chairs can be ordered in a broad array of the finest quality materials, from leather to fabric to high-tech breathable mesh.

Chairs can also be ordered for your San Diego office with or without arms, and come in a range of stylish color options to seamlessly blend into any beautiful office furniture, whether casually contemporary or strictly traditional.

Breathable Material and Padding

Office chairs with breathable materials and high-tech padding help keep your people cool and collected when working long days. Your San Diego office furniture can be ordered in an array of colors to compliment your office décor.

Sufficient Seat Depth and Width

While inexpensive office furniture may seem like a bargain, you do get what you pay for. Be sure the seat depth and width of the seating you're considering are ample enough to support all body types in your San Diego office.

Sturdy Armrests

Sometimes people accidentally apply too much pressure on the armrests of office chairs. Leaning heavily or sitting on the armrests of inexpensive chairs can break them, leading to costly replacements or discomfort for the worker.

Search for quality office chairs that feature sturdy armrests to better withstand the real world.

Swivels and Casters

Look for chairs with solid swivel and caster functions. Some casters are made of cheap plastic that binds up rather than rolling smoothly. And some swivel functions create an awkward bend in the body.

The kinematic tilt feature of the Herman Miller Aeron chair, for example, allows people to swivel while both feet remain on the floor, supported by the chair throughout the entire movement.

Complete Control

The more adjustment controls, the more your office chairs will deliver on productivity improvements. That's why it is essential to look for office chairs with a full range of adjustment options, including lumbar position, armrest height, reclining resistance, and a locking reclining mode.

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