Top COVID Products for a Safe Return

Adapt existing workspaces to meet the health and safety requirements for a post-COVID workplace.

Top COVID Office Products for a Safe Return

Protect employees and customers with adaptive panels, screens, dividers partitions, and sneeze guards. These protective barriers can be seemlessly integrated into any space to keep your work environment healthy and virus-free, so you can return to the office quickly and safely.

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Adaptive Panels & Screens

Divide and maximize your current space with contemporary modular panels. Adaptive panels and screens can be added to work surfaces to provide a protective barrier that still feels open. Privacy screens can also help to create additional division in any environment and can easily integrate with most furniture systems.

Partitions & Sneeze Guards

Freestanding screens are one of the simplest ways to add protection to a variety of spaces. No need to attach them to surfaces, they can be easily moved to create division wherever you need it. Join them together for large table settings where 6ft of distance cannot be obtained.


Mobile or fixed space dividers are a simple and valuable addition that provides perfect full-height protection. These flexible and versatile "walls" create physical barriers in a shared office environment, and can turn open tables and worksurfaces into separate and protected workspaces; no costly assembly or installation required. Dividers can transform a multitude of gathering spaces into safer, more compliant areas without inhibiting communication or traffic.

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