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When you have a need for more quiet, private spaces in your Riverside, California office, take a look at our office pods! Give your employees a private refuge for greater productivity and focus, free from visual and auditory distractions.

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Riverside Office Pods

When you have a need for more quiet, private spaces in your Riverside, California office, take a look at our office pods! Give your employees a private refuge for greater productivity and focus, free from visual and auditory distractions. Office pods fully enclose workers with walls and a door to seal out interruptions for total privacy.

Office pods are lightweight, easily rearranged office spaces that provide an immediate reprieve from busy office spaces, helping reduce stress for better work efficiency. G|M sells all types of office pods in Riverside, from partially to fully self-contained work and meeting spaces that provide instant access to a private office without permanently modifying existing office spaces.

The ingenious designs of office pods takes up far less space than conventional walled offices or meeting rooms do. Through modern materials and technology, office pods protect employees from jarring distractions while keeping them comfortable with exceptional ergonomics. Experience the magic of office pods for yourself at our business interior showroom in Riverside, Irvine, or San Diego, California.

G|M Is Your Source For Modern Office Pods In Riverside

Do your people often struggle to find someplace quiet to work in your open office space? If you’re searching for solutions to your shared office challenges, G|M Business Interiors can help you maximize your square footage while positively impacting efficiency. Come see a sampling of G|M office meeting pods in our showroom in Riverside, CA.

Office pods from G|M are beautifully crafted to provide a subtle yet modern addition to any office. When you need flexible alternatives to traditional workspaces, office pods are the ideal choice. Whether your Riverside office space is formal, informal, or open, our office pods come in a variety of configurations to seamlessly blend into your business surroundings. G|M office pods range from one-person pods to six, and some even come with windows for a less solitary working experience.

The innovative designs of our office pods also help enhance privacy and security while providing private views. Many pods can be outfitted with office furniture as well, providing increased flexibility.

G|M office pods are available in a wide variety of styles and layouts. Discover which one makes sense for your office by reading about their numerous features and options below.

Framery 2Q Office Pod

The Framery 2Q Office Pod is small enough to fit neatly into open office spaces but roomy enough for having six-person collaboration sessions or just some private brainstorming. Its smart frame design makes it possible to use as a standalone unit or as part of a multi-pod layout to fill an entire room. Equipped with electrical power outlets, office pods are a cost-efficient way to add more working space when it’s needed most.

Framery O Office Phone Booth

Framery O Office Phone Booths are cubicle-sized, soundproof office pods that deliver maximum mobile privacy for private phone calls or Zoom conferences. Compact and designed to blend in with any office environment, the booth provides quick access to private phone conversations.

This versatile mini-conference room features an ergonomic chair and monitor stand for video calls. There’s also a storage space below the work surface that’s big enough to store plenty of personal items like coffee mugs, chargers, and notebooks.

Framery One Booth

Framery One customized office pods make it possible to instantly add private rooms for meetings and personal calls in your Riverside office, all without disrupting the natural flow of the space or requiring the construction of walls.

The Framery One utilizes the same basic layout as other Framery products but comes with leading sound insulation standards, the latest technology, and echo-free acoustics. This simple yet sophisticated office pod gives teams a clean and clutter-free Riverside working environment.

Framery Q Office Pod

Elevate your small team meetings with the new Framery Q Office Pod. This innovative design is a self-contained, mobile meeting room that can be placed anywhere you need increased access to privacy. The Q Office Pod is ideal for four-person team meetings within your Riverside office, enabling impromptu, highly-focused brainstorming sessions without interruptions.

Other Options For Adding Private Workspace In Your Riverside Office

Overlay by Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s Overlay system allows you to reorganize open spaces quickly and easily for increased workflow flexibility. With movable free standing panels that neatly fit into any space, you can create personal workspaces without the hassle of building permanent walls. With durable materials and components, Overlay is engineered to withstand daily use for many years to come. For Riverside offices, Herman Miller Overlay serves many objectives, promoting sustainability, improving workplace happiness, and positively influencing company cultures.

OE1 Boundary Screen by Herman Miller

The rolling wire Boundary Screen by Herman Miller makes it simple for your Riverside teams to focus by enabling them to quickly divide open spaces for more privacy for personal conversations. It's a cost-effective solution for open office spaces and other Riverside workplaces that need more sound division between desks. The OE1 Boundary Screen offers a height-adjustable aluminum frame that clamps to the edge of a table or desk for hanging bags and other personal items.

OE1 Movable Screen by Herman Miller

Imagine having the complete freedom of an uncluttered open office while being able to quickly reconfigure the space for the task at hand. The OE1 Movable Screen makes it possible for your Riverside team to enjoy this level of latitude. It’s perfect for open-plan workspaces where team members need separate spaces to collaborate and focus.

Tandem Diabetes Vista Sorrento Framery Booth

Elevate Your Workplace With Office Pods And Screens

Featuring neatly integrated desks, storage cabinets, and comfortable seating, G|M office pods provide fast, economical solutions for open offices that need more individual and small-group privacy. They're designed with ergonomics as a foundation, so they’re always comfortable and natural to sit, stand, and move in. Come discover the possibilities of our office pods and screens at our showroom in Riverside today!