NaughtOne Presents: A Reintroduction

NaughtOne Launches Compelling Rebrand, Strengthening The Brand’s Core Message: Absolute Simplicity Leads To Infinite Possibility

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NaughtOne Launches Compelling Rebrand, Strengthening The Brand’s Core Message: Absolute Simplicity Leads To Infinite Possibility

In binary code, only two numbers are needed to unlock the bounds of possibility – zero (“naught”) and one. The foundation of the digital world hinges on the concept that the right pattern of zeros and ones can accomplish anything. Design brand “NaughtOne” was founded to represent just that— by offering simple yet specific ingredients leads to a realm of infinite possibilities. Today, after nearly two decades of design, problem solving and innovation, NaughtOne has unveiled its latest project celebrating that concept–this time though, the project was the brand itself.

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“The irony of simplicity is that it’s actually quite complex,” says Nadean McNaught, Managing Director at NaughtOne.

"To design something—a space, a product, an approach—that demonstrates ‘less is more’ usually requires incredible insight, refinement and conviction. The beauty of this dichotomy is what energises us to show through our brand how purposeful simplicity can result in a creative freedom spaces need. Given NaughtOne’s continued growth and expansion over the last few years, we thought it was the perfect time to refresh our brand and reimagine that belief in new and exciting ways—the landscape has changed a lot over the past 17 years.”

To better highlight the origins and inspiration of the company name, the brand is updating the previous name “naughtone” to “NaughtOne” and adding a new logo (“O/1”). Over the coming months, further updates will include a complete overhaul of the NaughtOne website, social channels, packaging, brand standards, sales materials, approach to creative direction and more.

“We are thrilled about all of it—but especially the logo,” says McNaught. “The logo was born from our desire to further amplify the vision and goals of NaughtOne. We wanted to provide a fresh symbol that highlights the conversation around why we exist and represents what we mean to the design world.”

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Since its founding in 2005, NaughtOne has designed and manufactured beautifully simple furniture that is fundamentally versatile.

Every idea, decision, and final product is centered on a genuine desire to connect people in meaningful ways, simply. The original collection began with products such as Hush and Trace, and has now expanded to a portfolio of more than 46 products that includes tables, sofas, booths, loungers and more.

In 2019, NaughtOne officially became a full member of the family of brands at Herman Miller, subsequently joining the MillerKnoll collective in 2021. Over the last 17 years, NaughtOne has expanded to become a globally-recognized brand, while still maintaining the friendly, approachable nature NaughtOne was born from. Maintaining accessibility, while continuing to expand globally is a key component of the rebrand.

“One of the earliest hallmarks of our brand was our presentation of British sensibility within the realm design— an openness to experiment, solving functional human needs with a creative twist,” says McNaught. “We loved seeing how our brand’s playfulness, small beginnings, brightness and ingenuity resonated across the world. With our updated approach to the NaughtOne brand, we can both represent that original philosophy while better incorporating some of the exciting ways we’ve matured as a brand over the last several years of expansion and growth.”

Further highlighted in the rebrand is NaughtOne’s continued commitment to the earth. From the brand’s earliest days, sustainability has been prioritised throughout every step of the design process, beginning with creating products designed for longevity while minimising the amount of materials needed. This mindset led to the development of NaughtOne’s take-back programme, product sourcing requirements, and most recently, the brand’s approach to circularity, especially as it relates to experimenting in the prototype phase of product development to ensure end of life recycling is as easy as possible years later.


Currently available for commercial environments, NaughtOne’s portfolio can be found in workplaces, hotels, universities, airport lounges and a variety of multi-use spaces worldwide.

NaughtOne has showrooms in the UK and North America, and products can be viewed in a variety of places through an international network of partners and furniture dealer showrooms.

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