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An icon of comfort and style, the Knoll Life chair is a staple in any workplace. Come see this piece in person at one of our showrooms today!

Meet the Knoll Life Chair

Meet the Knoll Life Chair

Light. Intuitive. Flexible. Designed for high-performance seating and ergonomic comfort, the Life Office Task Chair sets the standard for ergonomic seating.

Whether it is in the board room or the reception area, Life Chair by Knoll can complement any office space, whether it is made of Knitted Seat Topper (KST), KnollTextiles fabric, Spinneybeck leather, or your own chosen textile.

Even though Knoll has been emphasizing and incorporating sustainable manufacturing practices since the 1970s, the introduction of Life Chair in 2002 marked the company's commitment to the environment on a whole new level.

Knoll Life Chair: How Does It Stand Out From Other Office Chairs?

As a result of collaboration with Formway Design, Life represents a complete rethink of how sustainability can be achieved through design.

Every office chair created by Formway Design is inspired by knowledge gathered through observation and consideration of human behavior. Its user-centered approach combines a meticulous design process with a keen eye for aesthetics and a love of the environment.

With Knoll and Formway Design, it’s not just about what materials are used but also about how much material is used and how easily those materials can be recycled. Its removable parts allow you to update nearly every aspect of the chair, which, combined with the superior ergonomic comfort, makes Life quite possibly your last chair.

1. An Intelligent Design

With its light aesthetic, meticulous attention to detail, and wide range of colors and finishes, Life complements and enhances any workplace. This chair provides a comfortable experience by supporting the user with a flexible seat and back design and an advanced control that automatically responds to body weight shifts with fluid, natural movement.

Life continues its sculptural quality through its streamlined mechanism and down the back. Its control levers are intuitively placed, simple to use, and unobtrusive. With its form and function, the chair will be pleasing to the eye as well as beneficial to the body.

2. Effortless Comfort

There are automatic and intuitive adjustments in Life that make it flexible and ergonomic. Supportive and accommodating. As a result of its ergonomic design, this Knoll office furniture fits 95% of the population and is ideal for open-plan spaces and collaborative areas.

Synchronized Recline

The Life features a synchronized recline mechanism with an auto-balanced tension system, which is how it provides a superior user experience. You do not need to adjust the chair manually because the mechanism uses your body weight as a counterbalance, supporting reclined, upright, and forward seated positions fluidly and naturally.

Dynamic Seat Pan with Forward Flex

With its innovative flexing seat pan, pressure points are relieved, blood circulation is improved, perched postures are supported, and thick foam upholstery is no longer needed. There is a 4-inch depth adjustment on the seat pan.

Knit Back Suspension on Flexible Frame

Life Back Suspension Fabric (BSF) is an exclusive elastomeric knit that provides durability, softness, and warmth. In conjunction with the curvature and flex of the back frame, it provides integral pelvic, lumbar, and shoulder support.

3. Sustainable Materials and Processes

Rated Sustainable Gold by the SMaRT Consensus Sustainable Product Standard, Life demonstrates Knoll’s commitment to the environment. Life is designed to last a lifetime. The product is made with minimal materials, has a high percentage of recycled and recyclable materials, and its parts are easily replaceable.

Life chairs are assembled in their LEED Gold certified and ISO 14001-certified Lubin Manufacturing Facility in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, which is also an OSHA VPP Star site. Powered by wind power, this site offsets 100% of its energy consumption.

Innovatively Designed for the Environment

Life was the first product to be SMaRT certified in its industry. The Sustainable Materials Rating Technology (SMaRT) standard measures a product's environmental, economic, and social benefits throughout its life cycle and throughout its global supply chain, from raw materials to recycling and reusing.

Life's performance with 100% Eco Intelligent® polyester from KnollTextiles achieved SMaRT® Sustainable Gold rating.

Environmental Fabrics and Materials

No coating is required on the cast, burnished aluminum frame, which minimizes materials and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A minimum of 55% (plastic base) and 60% (aluminum base) of recycled materials are used during the construction of the product. You can choose from 20+ GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified fabrics from KnollTextiles.

4. Designer’s Choice

The main purpose of Life is to adapt to the individual and the environment. You may choose from a variety of colors, finishes, and textile options to match your aesthetic and functional preferences. No matter what type of fabric you choose, KnollTextiles, Spinneybeck leather, or even your own fabric, Life seating can enhance or complement any workplace.

Bright and Colorful

New, saturated BSF colors bring vibrancy and visual interest: Chestnut BSF and Knoll Felt, Carob, seat topper; Sunset BSF and Knoll Hopsack, Melon; Eclipse BSF and Knoll Hopsack, Black; Rouge BSF and Knoll Felt, Rouge; Frost BSF and Knoll Hopsack, Buff; Charcoal BSF and Knoll Hopsack, Charcoal; Plum BSF and Knoll Hopsack, Magenta; Avocado BSF and Knoll Felt, Apple; Platinum BSF and Knoll Hopsack, Charcoal; Navy BSF and Knoll Hopsack, Navy.

Classic and Neutral

Neutral tones and leather options available lend a distinguished air: Grain BSF and Spinneybeck Volo leather, 969 Mammoth Cave, seat topper; Beige BSF and Spinneybeck Sabrina, 785 White; Blackout BSF and Spinneybeck Volo, BLK Black; Bronze BSF and Spinneybeck Sabrina, 765 Camel.

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