Innovative Desk Chairs Worth Checking Out

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Innovative Desk Chairs Worth Checking Out

When it comes to innovative desk chairs, today’s premium brands are crafting ergonomically superior seating solutions from high-tech materials with elegant designs that deliver a futuristic feel to any office.

The ergonomics of these innovative designs result in improved mental clarity, memory, and focus because the distraction of discomfort is entirely eliminated.

But with so many options out there, which desk chairs should you be considering? To help you pare down your choices, we’ve rounded up some of the most innovative desk chairs worth checking out from two premium brands—Herman Miller and Knoll.

Features Found in the Best Office Chairs

Comfortable desk chairs are elemental to the success of any business, so what are some of the most important features to seek in a desk chair?

Track Record of Exceptional Ergonomics

The best innovative desk chairs are made by brands with a long track record of designing exceptionally ergonomic office furniture. From desk chairs to workstations, Herman Miller and Knoll are two brands that have exemplified modern ergonomic design for decades.

Multiple Points of Customization

The most ergonomic office chairs promote productivity by being easily customized by those who sit down in them. Seek out office chairs that accommodate a wide range of body types through multiple points of customization. Adjustable armrests, seatbacks, and lumbar support are all examples of the ways your people can customize office chairs from Herman Miller and Knoll.

Fabrics and Finishes that Compliment Your Interior

Office chairs can be specified with the finest quality materials, including leather, custom print fabrics, and breathable meshes that compliment the most beautiful of office interiors. Beyond aesthetics, these durable fabrics and finishes withstand the demands of modern offices for the long haul.

Innovative Chairs for Elevated Workplaces

For an empowered workforce, you need office chairs that focus on superior support and stability. We carry a huge selection of premium ergonomic office chairs that feature adjustable heights and tilt mechanisms with premium seating surfaces. Discover the difference by sitting in chairs by upscale brands like Herman Miller and Knoll.

Herman Miller and Knoll office chairs are made from durable materials, and beautifully-finished surfaces, and feature ergonomic adjustability for all-day support. Here are five top choices to check out from our broad range of premium ergonomic office chairs.

Generation by Knoll

Featuring a frameless flex back and flex seat, the Generation Desk Chair by Knoll® combines a high-performance elastomer and a figure 8 structure that can support numerous postures and movements all day long.

The tension and design of the figure 8 structure enable side-to-side flex for optimized support of your people’s shoulders and lumbar. A simple, non-mechanical Dynamic Suspension delivers weight-compensated suspension sans metal linkage or springs. This adds up to greater comfort for years to come.

Caper Multipurpose Stool by Herman Miller

The Caper Multipurpose Stool by Herman Miller delivers remarkable all-day comfort through swivel, tilt, and height adjustments that can accommodate a wide range of people and task types.

Featuring a seat and back that are made from polypropylene, the contoured surfaces provide maximum comfort while adding color to the workplace. Vent holes on the surfaces allow moisture and heat to dissipate, helping your staff keep cool.

Eames Aluminum Group Chairs

If you’re looking for the flexibility of desk chairs that can go inside or out, check out the Eames Aluminum Group Chair. The minimalist design and elegant lines make this chair an ideal candidate for either formal or casual office settings.

You can order this chair in a wide array of finishes and materials suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Remix High Back Chair by Knoll

When you want resiliency and flexibility, the Remix High Back Chair by Knoll® will give you the comfort you expect. A flexible back frame is engineered to work in tandem with a top layer of cushioning that delivers immediate comfort without skimping on quality. The added flexibility of the back frame provides exceptional support for workers who make frequent lateral movements, making it perfect for busy offices.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

With adjustable ergonomics as the main focus, the Aeron chair by Herman Miller is designed to accommodate a wide range of body types comfortably. Since the chair’s launch more than 30 years ago, it’s still considered a pioneer in the office furniture industry.

Today, updated research and material innovations have led to the addition of ocean-bound plastic to the body of the chair. The Aeron isn’t just good for posture, it’s good for the environment!

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