Home Office Designs That Inspire Productivity

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Home Office Designs That Inspire Productivity

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. Unquestionably, the global movement toward remote-friendly organizations is gaining momentum, and it's clear to see why.

When you work from home, you can set your own schedule and not have to drive to work. This can save money on office space while also making you more productive by cutting down on office distractions.

As the number of remote employees has increased, the need for home offices has increased as well. There are a variety of reasons why home offices are significant. For starters, if you work from home, you must establish boundaries in order to prevent operating on a "24-7" clock schedule. With your own workstation, you can work whenever you want and leave whenever it is convenient for you. It also helps you to get into the correct frame of mind in order to complete your tasks. Home offices give you a private space where you can work without being distracted by household distractions such as television sets, phone calls, loud youngsters, or whiney pets.

Whether you're a newcomer to working from home or a seasoned entrepreneur, increasing your productivity is always a top objective. By planning your home office layout carefully, you will be able to more readily locate inspiration whenever you need it, day or night. However, if you are not naturally gifted at organizing and designing, it might be difficult to determine which improvements should be prioritized. Although having a beautiful, clean environment plays an integral role in achieving optimal performance, there are several aspects of your home office that should be addressed first. Continue reading for a checklist of the modifications that will boost productivity in your home office setting.

Creative Options For A More Productive Home Office

One study by Stanford University followed 16,000 workers over a period of 9 months and found that working from home increased productivity by 13%. The researchers found that the increase in performance was attributed to a quieter environment that was more convenient to access. Fewer breaks and sick days were taken as well. This highlights one of the key factors needed for maximum productivity—noise control. Being able to shut a door to a separate room of the house designated as office space is ideal. However, if you have to work in open areas of your home, keeping noise at bay can be frustrating when other people are at home.

If your workspace is open to the rest of the house, phone calls and Zoom meetings can lead to comical moments at best. We’ve all seen video clips of kids doing crazy things behind their parents while they’re working. An effective way to partition off your work area without building permanent walls is placing movable wall boundaries like the Herman Miller OE1 Mobile Easel behind your seat or desk. This mobile screen has tackable surfaces and whiteboard space, providing additional work surfaces while preventing undesirable distractions.

Another option for people with more space in their home is a phone booth like the Framery O Office Phone Booth. This little work pod offers a small desk and seat within two walls to provide instant privacy at home. Just hop in, close the door, and enjoy complete sound separation from the rest of your home.

Seating Comfort Is Paramount For Productivity

Once you’ve established enough privacy to work distraction-free in your home office space, the next factor to address is seating comfort. The office chair you sit in all day can have a tremendous impact on your work output, and even your physical condition. Sitting in an unsupportive chair all day can lead to back problems, sore necks, and even headaches from muscle strain.

To properly support your ability to do your best work, it’s crucial to find an ergonomic chair that fits you well. This is why chairs that have mastered ergonomics like the Herman Miller Aeron Chair come in multiple sizes, along with numerous options for lumbar and arm support. And if sitting at a bar top happens to be your home office, there’s even an Aeron Stool option for optimal support all day long.

Workspaces That Promote Efficiency

So you’ve found a way to block noise, and your sitting situation provides all-day support, what’s next? The workspace that you use on a regular basis has a significant influence on your productivity, so it’s important to prioritize it above more aesthetic elements. If your desk or workstation doesn’t provide ample room for your computer and other office tools, your work can suffer. Being cramped with a small workstation can lead to frustration, time lost to searching for paperwork, and physical discomfort.

Options like the Herman Miller OE1 Rectangular Table combine a minimalist style with flexible functionality for any home office. The desk tops come in a range of widths and depths, along with numerous style options for legs and desk surface finishes. With these highly customizable tables, you’re certain to find a desk for your home office that inspires you every day to go further.

Get Expert Help With Your Home Office Design

Working from home should be exciting and inspiring to boost productivity. You are well aware that the interior design of your home office has a significant impact on your productivity and energy levels. Having a dedicated workstation will assist you in getting into the correct frame of mind to complete your tasks.

You should consider a home interior design office makeover if you are still working from your kitchen or dining room table or if you are feeling uninspired in your current workspace. It's past time to turn your home office into a setting that encourages productivity and creativity.

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