Fresh Perspectives on Modern Office Furniture Design From Around the World

GMBI Office Furniture Orange County Fresh Perspectives on Modern Office Furniture Design. How do you add a personal and unique touch to modern office furniture design styles with creativity and functionality in mind?

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Fresh Perspectives on Modern Furniture Design From Around the World

When you're trying to curate furnishings for your space that provide an experience like no other, understanding design styles is essential.

By adopting the perspective of a specific style, an interior design can be tied together in a way that conveys quality. Sometimes, mixing design styles can work, too. However, this approach is much more difficult to pull off.

What Are Some Examples of Furniture Design Styles From Around the World?

Much of the decision surrounding which designs you leverage for your spaces comes down to knowledge about the key elements that are common to each style. This provides the foundation that makes it possible to serve up a fresh perspective on modern furniture design.

To help you find some inspiration, let's take a look at some modern styles of furniture design from around the world.

Scandinavian Design

When it comes to the elements of Scandinavian design, it's easy to see why modern furniture often incorporates many of its features. The primary elements that you'll notice about Scandinavian furniture design include functionality, simplicity, and a focus on craftsmanship.

Many Nordic furniture designs also utilize more natural materials rather than industrial ones. Examples of this include pale varieties of wood, such as ash and beech, along with wool and linen textiles, varying types of leather, and glass.

Because many of the elements found in this style are well-suited for the modern aesthetic, it can be tough to figure out how to freshen up the style. One thing you can try is choosing different colors of leather that provide a unique take on this natural material.

French Provincial Design

Modern furniture design isn't often associated with the French Provincial style (also known as the French Country style). However, if you focus on some of the key design elements of the aesthetic, it's possible to provide a new perspective on this centuries-old style.

Furniture in the French Provincial style usually features ornate carvings, moldings, and decorative wrought iron. The textures are simple, and the pieces are built to last. Because of this, sometimes it's a difficult style to craft space with.

One tip is to keep in mind that the style is centered around combining elegant beauty with rustic features. An example of how to modernize this is by combining a contemporary material on the seating surface of a lounge chair with a set of rustic carved wooden legs.

Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern (also called MCM) furniture has grown in popularity now more than ever. That's because this style of furniture pairs so well with either vintage or modern home design themes.

This style incorporates elements such as organic shapes, minimal accessories, and a focus on functionality over ornamentation. Without a doubt, mid-century modern design is one that's proven to be timeless, yet relatively simple to pull off either at home or in the office.

Mid-century modern style elements use clean lines combined with organic and geometric shapes to create furniture that's pleasing to the eye. Simplicity is a primary focus, which is why even the most basic mid-century modern furniture pieces, such as coffee tables and chairs, are often considered the most beautiful.

Along with simplicity, the style is centered around functionality as a core value. With minimal looks, there isn't a single piece that doesn't serve a specific purpose. This means the materials used are often functional as well, such as chrome-plated steel framing and durable leather surfaces that stand the test of time (in beautiful form). Opting for vivid paint colors in place of chrome is just one way this style can be given a new perspective.

What Are the Key Features That Make a Furniture Design Style Unique?

Designers seeking ways to freshen up tried and true furniture designs often find it helpful to break the task down into core elements. That means directing the focus toward the foundational parts that a piece of furniture is comprised of. Here are some examples of this.

Surface Materials

Whether it's a sofa at home or office furniture, the materials used on the surfaces have the biggest impact on the style. To try a new perspective on a certain style, think about using the same base material type but in color or texture that's rarely seen.

Fabrics can incorporate intriguing patterns, and leather can be finished with interesting textures. The same idea goes for table tops as well. Wood or glass can be finished in captivating patterns and colors that excite the senses.

Frame or Leg Material

Aside from seating surfaces and tops of desks and tables, the frame or leg material has a major impact on furniture style. This is one of the primary elements people see, so it has a big effect on the perception of style.

For more ornate styles like French Provincial, more texture in these areas is the goal. But with modern styles like Scandinavian, it's better to keep things smooth and sleek.

Again, playing around with color in this area can provide a whole new take on a decades-old furniture style like Mid-century modern.

Functionality Focus

Finally, how much a furniture style focuses on functionality over decoration is key to staying true to the theme. Some styles hold sustainability in high regard, which dictates the materials chosen and the overall construction.

Also, the function of furniture means how well it serves the user. Chairs that aren't as ergonomic might be less comfortable, but for the French Provincial style, that's okay because looks are the primary motivator.

This element is tougher to get creative with. To find ways to offer a unique version of a certain style, it helps to think about using more advanced materials that still appear to be traditional. This way, ergonomics can be upheld without skimping on style.

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