Elevate Your Space with a Knoll Coffee Table - Sleek & Functional

Explore the top Knoll coffee table designs and learn how to incorporate these sleek pieces into your living space. Create a stunning space with G|M Business Interiors!

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Elevate Your Space with a Knoll Coffee Table - Sleek & Functional

A well-designed coffee table can be the perfect finishing touch for your living room, adding both style and functionality. When it comes to high-quality, modern furnishings, Knoll is a brand that consistently delivers exceptional designs that effortlessly enhance any space. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of Knoll coffee tables and how they can elevate your interior design.

Founded in 1938 by Hans Knoll and later joined by his wife, Florence Knoll, Knoll is an American furniture company with a rich history of collaborating with world-class designers to create innovative products, from height-adjustable desks to ergonomic office chairs.

Their dedication to blending art, craftsmanship, and technology is evident in their diverse range of offerings, including their collection of coffee tables.

Features and Benefits of Knoll Coffee Tables

Knoll coffee tables are known for their sleek designs, high-quality materials, and remarkable craftsmanship. Here's what sets them apart from other coffee tables on the market:

Distinctive Designs

One of the hallmarks of Knoll's coffee tables is their unique and sophisticated designs. Each piece is carefully created by renowned designers, resulting in a diverse collection of tables that cater to different tastes and interior styles. From minimalist and elegant to bold and sculptural, Knoll offers a coffee table for every preference.

Premium Materials

Knoll's commitment to quality extends to the materials used in its coffee tables. They utilize a variety of high-quality materials, such as marble, glass, wood, and metal, to create visually striking and durable pieces. These materials not only contribute to the table's aesthetic appeal but also ensure that it will withstand the test of time.


Knoll coffee tables are not just beautiful; they're also designed with functionality in mind. Many of their tables feature ample storage space, such as lower shelves or drawers, to help you keep your living area organized and clutter-free. The tables also come in various sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your space.

Top Knoll Coffee Table Designs to Transform Your Living Space

Knoll offers a wide variety of coffee table designs, each with its own unique aesthetic and features.

With an array of designs to choose from, you'll undoubtedly find the ideal coffee table to complement your interior design style and turn your workspace into an inclusive place that fosters creativity. Here are some popular choices that can elevate your space:

1. Barcelona® Coffee Table

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, the Barcelona® Coffee Table is an iconic piece with a minimalist, elegant design. Its distinctive X-shaped stainless steel base supports a thick glass top, creating a striking focal point in any room.

2. Florence Knoll™ Rectangular Coffee Table

A true testament to Florence Knoll's minimalist design principles, this rectangular coffee table features a sleek, geometric profile with a durable marble or wood top. The table's simple design and high-quality materials make it a versatile piece that complements various interior styles.

3. Saarinen Oval Coffee Table

Eero Saarinen's 1956 design for the Saarinen Oval Coffee Table is a perfect example of mid-century modern design. Its distinctive pedestal base eliminates the clutter of traditional legs, while its curved oval top provides ample surface area for various purposes. This timeless piece is available in a range of materials and finishes to suit any décor.

4. Platner Coffee Table

Designed by Warren Platner in 1966, the Platner Coffee Table is a stunning piece characterized by its unique, sculptural base. Made from steel rods arranged in a radial pattern, the base supports a glass or marble top, creating a visually striking piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

5. Risom™ Coffee Table

Jens Risom's Risom™ Coffee Table, first introduced in 1943, features a simple, Scandinavian-inspired design with clean lines and a sturdy wooden frame. The table's minimalistic appearance makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a functional and unassuming piece.

Incorporating a Knoll Coffee Table into Your Interior Design

Investing in a Knoll coffee table is an excellent way to elevate your space with a sleek, functional, and high-quality piece of furniture. With a wide range of designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect coffee table to complement your interior design style and enhance your living room.

A Knoll coffee table can serve as a statement piece or seamlessly blend with your existing décor. Here are some tips for incorporating one of these stylish tables into your living space:

Create a focal point: Choose a striking Knoll coffee table design and arrange your seating around it to create a visually appealing focal point.
Balance the room: Ensure your Knoll coffee table is proportionate to your other furnishings to create a harmonious and balanced space.
Add complementary accessories: Enhance your coffee table with decorative items like vases, books, or trays that match your interior design style.
Experiment with layering: If your Knoll coffee table features a lower shelf or additional storage, use this space to display decorative items or store essentials for a cohesive and functional look.

Selecting a Knoll coffee table is a wise investment for anyone seeking to enhance their space with a functional, stylish, and high-quality piece of furniture.

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G|M Business Interiors is proud to be a certified MillerKnoll dealer, offering a vast range of the Knoll collection, including not only the esteemed Butterfly Chair but also their stunning coffee tables.

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We invite you to explore our extensive selection of Knoll furniture and experience the difference that a Knoll coffee table can make in your space!