Benefits of Owning Knoll Office Furniture

GMBI Office Furniture Irvine. With contemporary designs and ergonomic functions, Knoll office furniture is the top choice for many modern workplaces. Browse G | M’s collection of Knoll furniture!

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Benefits of Owning Knoll Furniture

When you're thinking about remodeling or furnishing an office space in Irvine for the first time, deciding which brands to buy can be daunting. For many, turning to well-known brands with a reputation for quality is the wisest investment.

This is just one reason why many offices prefer Knoll furniture over other brands. For nearly 80 years now, Knoll has been supplying companies of all sizes with stylish, sturdy, and sleek furniture.

As one of the leading office furniture dealers in the world, Knoll's versatile products can be found in more than 60 countries. Founded in 1938 by Hans and Florence Knoll, the emphasis has always been on the design that seamlessly fits your modern interior.

Through collaborations with some of the top designers and architects in the world, Knoll has gained a reputation for innovation, creativity, and superior craftsmanship. To get the full picture of what it's like to own Knoll furniture, we've put together this quick guide about the benefits of choosing Knoll.

Knoll is committed to providing functional, comfortable, and space-saving furniture that remains beautiful year after year. So, when you buy a new piece of furniture from Knoll, you can rest assured you're investing in timeless quality.

Here are some of the main office furniture offerings by Knoll that you might want to consider.

Knoll Generation Chairs

Knoll Office Chairs

When you need to improve the ergonomics of the office chairs in your workstations, look no further than Knoll. The company makes ergonomically-designed office chairs that are both durable and beautiful, providing support in style for many years in the most demanding workstations. Whether you're searching for executive office chairs, modern-looking chairs, or lounge chairs, Knoll has something perfect for your design preferences. Knoll also offers task chairs, stools, and sofas in many different colors, finishes, and materials.

Knoll Generation Chair

Have you been looking for an ergonomic office chair that can also deliver the precise colorway to match your branding? Then the Generation Chair by Knoll is for you! This impeccably crafted office chair comes in 16 seatback colors, different seat pan upholstering material options, and up to 13 different upholstery color options.

Customization has never been more dialed in than with the Generation Chair, and with the Frameless Flex Back, your team members will love the support their backs receive all day long.

Knoll Pollock Office Chair

Available in three types of leather, ultra suede, and eight other types of upholstering, the Pollock Office Chair from Knoll has been providing executive-level seating for more than 50 years. The chair's most notable design feature is its rim, a single band of aluminum that encompasses the perimeter of the seat.

This strikingly elegant executive chair has been delivering exceptional comfort, style, and performance for generations. The base can also be configured as 5-star, 4-star, black, or polished silver to complete the perfect aesthetic for your executive suites.

Knoll Office Chairs For Relaxation

Beyond the typical office chairs used at desks, tying an office interior design together involves the lounge and reception areas as well. For these spaces, Knoll offers sofas, ottomans, lounge chairs, and barstools in a wide array of color options and materials.

Whether your design calls for wood, polished metal, or leather surfaces, Knoll can provide furniture for the picture-perfect office pods you've been envisioning.

Knoll pixel table

Knoll Desks and Tables

Modern office pods often have a mix of desks and tables for getting things done. That's because in today's ever-changing work environments, offering flexibility is paramount for retaining top talent.

By providing your people with desks that are adjustable and available in a variety of configurations, you can help inspire their best ideas. Here are just a few desk and table options from Knoll that can transform your office into a paragon of productivity.

Knoll Adjustable Desks

Standup desks are one of the best ways to encourage healthy living and proper posture for accomplishing tasks. Everyone has different needs when it comes to desks that are standing height. To accommodate everyone on your team, Knoll offers adjustable standup desks in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations.

Reception and Lounge Tables

The seating in your reception and lounge areas is important for providing comfort for weary workers and guests. But a detail that's important to keep in mind is the tables you offer in these areas.

When it comes to the reception and lounge areas of a workstation, people often need a place to place their beverages and small personal items that they don't want to forget on the floor. Knoll offers beautifully-crafted side and coffee tables that are ideal for these applications, whether you want glass, wood, or metal accents.

Knoll Outdoor Furniture

If your workstation has outdoor break areas, finding seating options that can hold up for many years can be a challenge. Knoll provides durable, design-driven outdoor furniture that's suitable for commercial applications such as these. From lounge chairs to sofas to benches, Knoll can provide timeless style for your outdoor office spaces.

Knoll Saarinen Side Chair

Benefits of Incorporating Knoll Furniture In Your Modern Workplace

Knoll is known for its stunning modern designs and impeccable build quality when it comes to office furniture. Let’s take a look at some of the most ingenious benefits you can enjoy with Knoll furniture.

Modern Designs

Since 1938, Knoll has relied on modern design as a guiding principle. The company's founders, Hans and Florence Knoll, began their creative journeys at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Bauhaus School.

This experience inspired them to design a full line of office furniture that elevates business interiors all over the world. Knoll's bold, functional designs now have a reputation for delivering superior ergonomics that last.

Certified Dealer Network

In 2022, Knoll joined Herman Miller, which resulted in a new certified dealer network with enhanced global reach.

The new MillerKnoll certified network enables dealers like G | M to accommodate business interior needs for clients regardless of where their offices are located. It also ensures the ability to fulfill needs like finding a precise color of an office chair. What's more, it guarantees you'll get the best help when it comes to warranty coverage.

Outstanding Warranty Coverage

Sourcing furniture for an entire office can be a significant investment. To get the greatest returns, it's important companies buy furniture with outstanding warranty coverage, like Knoll. Many of their pieces of office furniture come with lifetime warranties, and few have warranties less than ten years in length. This makes Knoll one of the best furniture investments a business can make.

Enjoy The Benefits of Knoll Furniture In Your Office

For decades, top-performing companies have been enjoying the benefits of Knoll furniture in their offices. When you want the assurance that comes with an industry-leading warranty for your premium office furniture, look no further than Knoll.

As a certified Knoll dealer, G | M Business Interiors take pride in our Knoll expertise. Come see for yourself at one of our showrooms in Irvine, Riverside, or San Diego!