8 Reasons to Buy Knoll Furniture From a Certified Knoll Dealer

Experience style, durability, and functionality with Knoll furniture. Elevate your office space today with iconic Knoll pieces from G|M Business Interiors!

8 Reasons To Buy Knoll Furniture

8 Reasons To Buy Knoll Furniture

Nowadays, office furniture might conjure images of sterile desks and bland task chairs with function over form. But with Florence Knoll’s designs, office furniture takes on a transformative inspiration.

It has always been difficult for most people to relate to the grids and planes of glass, metal, and stone from which architects built their offices, institutions, and dwellings in the postwar period.

The same decor sensibility has now been applied to sofas, credenzas, tables, and chairs that surround us in our daily lives. There is no one more responsible for installing these kinds of furniture pieces across the country and abroad than Knoll Furniture.

With its timeless, bold, and functional designs, Knoll has earned an iconic reputation for providing superior ergonomic performance over time.

Why Choose Knoll Furniture?

Knoll, a leading manufacturer of office furniture, is known for its stunning modern designs and exemplary craftsmanship. Listed below are some of the most noteworthy potential benefits you can experience with Knoll's high-end furniture.

Modern Style

Throughout Knoll's history, contemporary design has been its guiding principle. Following the Bauhaus philosophy that modern furniture should complement rather than compete with a space's architecture, Knoll has become a global leader in manufacturing furniture.

Founders Hans and Florence Knoll studied art at Cranbrook Academy of Art and Bauhaus School before starting their own company. As a result of this experience, they developed a complete line of office furniture that enhances business interiors around the world.

The Washington Prism, created by famous architect Sir David Adjaye, is a superb illustration of this. The Prism Lounge Chair and Ottoman were created as a part of the Washington Collection for Knoll and employed geometry and pattern to define the shape. The objects are meant to be observed from any angle as sculptural or architectural artifacts while preserving their functionality.

Enhanced Level of Comfort

We all strive for comfort when seated for long periods of time in our office or when we get home from work after an exhausting day, which Knoll furniture brings into our lives. When you choose the Knoll Womb Chair, you will surely have the best time since it offers a relaxing environment to recover from the fast pace of modern life.

Sturdy Construction

Cheap furniture sets are usually made from materials of inferior quality, and they will need to be replaced after a short time. In the end, you would have needed to spend more than you would have needed to if you had chosen to buy furniture that is sturdy, like Knoll, from the beginning.

Therefore, it is best to invest in your house and office furniture by purchasing a few iconic pieces from Knoll. By investing in them gradually, one at a time, you can enjoy their luxury for years to come rather than having your space furnished right from the start with cheap items that are bound to break quickly.

Superior Quality

It is easy to tell whether a piece of furniture is well-made just by touching it. Knoll furniture is mainly known for its classic, high-polished chrome finish. Therefore, tables, benches, cabinets, and other items specific to the brand are built around that element.

The consistency of the brand's products shows that high-end furniture's quality and durability are some of the primary factors influencing its higher price. These benefits will outweigh the costs, both in the long term and in the short term. In general, while luxury furniture isn't cheap, low-quality furniture isn't going to last.

Extensive Network of Certified Dealers

With Knoll's 2022 collaboration with Herman Miller, Knoll's global reach was enhanced with a new certified dealer network.

With MillerKnoll's new certified network, dealers like G | M Business Interiors can satisfy clients' business interior needs regardless of their location. It ensures that specific requirements of clients can be met, such as finding the right color of an office chair. Moreover, it ensures you'll receive the best warranty coverage for your furniture.

Exceptional Warranty Coverage

An entire office's furniture needs can take a considerable amount of money to purchase. It is important for companies to buy furniture with outstanding warranty coverage, such as Knoll, to get the best returns.

The majority of Knoll office furniture items are covered by lifetime warranties, and very few have warranties of less than ten years. Therefore, Knoll is one of the best investments you can make in furniture for your business.

Comprehensive Range of Products

With its combination of modernist aesthetic and ergonomic features, Knoll's product range is unlike other furniture manufacturers. Founded on a disciplined process, shared experience, and a distinctly modern sensibility, their brand encompasses a diversity of people, collaborators, products, and brands.

Knoll's ability to offer a wide range of office systems, seating, furniture, textiles, leather, and architectural and acoustical elements makes it possible for them to design and provide integrated solutions that seamlessly combine with their different products and services.


Knoll implements policies and practices that protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and reduce waste. The company's environmental sustainability program focuses on three key areas: climate change, third-party certification, and environmentally sensitive materials.

Worldwide, Knoll manufacturing facilities are all ISO 14001 certified, requiring them to minimize environmental impacts and continuously improve their performance. Through global sourcing initiatives, they ensure that materials come from suppliers who share their commitment to quality and sustainability, thus producing sustainable and green Knoll furniture.

Bring Your Space to Life With Knoll Furniture

The benefits of Knoll furniture in the workplace have been enjoyed by top-performing companies for decades. For premium office furniture that comes with an industry-leading warranty, count on Knoll.

At G | M Business Interiors, we take pride in our Knoll expertise as a certified furniture dealer. Contact us today at marketing@gmbi.net or 800-686-6583 to browse our wide collection of Knoll pieces!

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