Job Captains

Orchestrating an efficient and responsive customer service experience.

The G|M Job Captains are in constant communication with your sales representative and will take immediate action, answer telephone calls, research and orchestrate workflow for quoting, design and service requests in order to provide the most efficient experience for our clients.

  • Lisa McClinton

    Lisa McClinton Director of Client First Sales Operations LinkedIn


  • Shellie Bollenbach

    Shellie Bollenbach Job Captain Manager, Riverside

  • Nichola Ninke

    Nichola Ninke Job Captain Assistant Manager LinkedIn

  • Katie Lira

    Katie Lira Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Jennifer Colindres

    Jennifer Colindres Job Captain

  • Kierstyn Sidor

    Kierstyn Sidor Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Sara Clark

    Sara Clark Job Captain

  • Ashley Bell

    Ashley Bell Job Captain

  • Lesley De La Torre

    Lesley De La Torre Job Captin LinkedIn

  • Raelene Garcia

    Raelene Garcia Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Deborah Lopez

    Deborah Lopez Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Sonia Lino

    Sonia Lino Office Catalyst


  • Steve Best

    Steve Best Job Captain Manager, San Diego

  • Michelle Philbin

    Michelle Philbin Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Brisa Viveros

    Brisa Viveros Job Captain

  • Adelaide Westerman

    Adelaide Westerman Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Sarah Jamieson

    Sarah Jamieson Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Cara Diederich

    Cara Diederich Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Melina Bustos

    Melina Bustos Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Brittani Montenegro

    Brittani Montenegro Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Alexandra Deblis

    Alexandra Deblis Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Jacqueline Fortezzo

    Jacqueline Fortezzo Job Captain LinkedIn

  • Katie McDaniel

    Katie McDaniel Junior Job Captain LinkedIn